Country Pure Foods® Expands its Smooth-Frozen® SideKicks™ Line


Smooth-Frozen SideKicks Product Expansion Adds Variety to School Nutrition Menu

AKRON, OHIO (March 9, 2017) – Country Pure Foods expanded its food service line of Smooth-Frozen SideKicks to include a new flavor, Sunbelievable, which credits as a ½ cup Red/Orange Vegetable toward school lunch programs guidelines under the current USDA child nutrition regulations. This product adds convenience to menu planning by allowing schools to offer variety in the Red/Orange Vegetable category where choices are limited.

Ray Lee, President and Co-CEO of Country Pure Foods said, “Sunbelievable joins our two VBlend juices, Sunset Sip and Calypso Crush, as Red/Orange Vegetable credit alternatives. These products create healthy menu options for students in the cafeteria to help alleviate menu fatigue in the Red/Orange Vegetable category. Not only does Sunbelievable provide another option, but we have found that serving SideKicks with meals increases daily participation in lunch programs.”

Smooth-Frozen SideKicks unique texture allows for effortless spoonability, making these frozen treats easy and enjoyable for kids of all ages to eat.  SideKicks are available in 4.4 fluid ounce cups and are offered in six flavors that qualify for Smart Snacks. BlueRaspberry-Lemon, SourCherry-Lemon, Strawberry-Mango, and Kiwi-Strawberry all credit as a fruit, while Cherry Smooth and our newest product, Sunbelievable, credit as vegetables. SideKicks are available through your local foodservice distributor. For more information about our Smooth-Frozen SideKicks products visit or call 1-877-99JUICE.